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Monday, September 1, 2008

Details for 30 days of nothing

The time is here. It is September which means we are staring our 30 days of nothing today. I got the idea from the neat family over at Owlhaven. I love her recent post as to their motive for doing this. I have been pondering the same sense of entitlement that we as Americans have adopted. We recently changed the way that our kids can spend their money. It used to be that every once in awhile we would let the kids take their wallets to the store and shop. We would spend hours walking up and down isles looking for items. With five kids this is no small task. We plan to still do this every once in awhile but doing it often was leading to a mindset of "I have money, I need to spend it". To shop for the sake of shopping.

I want my kids to have a healthy view of money. They have always tithed but we have changed what they do with what is left. Most of it now goes into savings. If there is something they would like to save for we now make a note of it. If in several weeks time they still would like this item and they have enough money we then we purchase it and transfer the amount from their savings to our account. This seems to foster more of a working towards something mentality instead of "I have money, let's go find something" which is a more self gratification consumer mentality. Just two weeks ago Lil was able to purchase her own sewing machine and she is very proud of her purchase. She has been sewing bags and gifts in a lot of her free time. I can see the accomplishment that she feels. Much more satisfying than the little purchases of gum, candy and plastic toys of the past.

This challenge can look however you would like. We made out list today trying to be realistic as well as making it a challenge. It's not an experiment or a challenge if there is no sacrifice.

So here it is:

1. No auctions. (Hubby has a favorite place he goes to auction every Friday evening, it will be painful for him)

2. No garage sales. (This one is painful for me)

3. No Fraps. (Homemade varieties are ok since I can make them for 30 cents; one exception is long trips such as the one I have planned to Homeschool store two hours away)

4. No more than one time per week eating out. (It is Football season for Bub so we are being realistic here. Where's that Crockpot?)

5. No new purchases such as clothing, shoes, home items, etc, unless they are schoolroom or curriculum related. Toiletries are ok. I would rather not lose friend due to poor hygeine. I have decided to move my hair appt to October because I can go an extra two weeks between appointments.

6. No home improvement stuff. (One exception will be the backyard we are tilling up and replanting. We sold 3 cords of wood to do the yard and the money is another account set aside soley for this purpose)

7. Food budget is $300. We have a lot in our pantry that we need to use up.

As you can see most everything has exceptions. We wanted to make this a challenge but be realistic at the same time.

If you are interested in participating let me know and I will link to your blog. I would love to hear how you are managing and will be posting how we are doing as well.


fawndear said...

I'm so glad there are so many of us trying this whole month of nothing. Hope it's a great month.

You have such a beautiful family.

I've added your link to my blog similar to Owlhavens so we can all get ideas from each other.

Brooke said...

We NEED to do it this month. We'll see how the hubby responds???? Sounds like a very responsible thing to do, you go girlfriend!

Owlhaven said...

Interesting to read your details!