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Monday, September 15, 2008

Giggles, candles and some good football

The girl is hilarious. When we brought out the cake, when she opened every present, when she opened every card she giggled. She had a great 8th birthday and enjoyed every minute of it. After a week with a hurt hip, two trips to Urgent Care and having to stay off of her leg, she was happy to celebrate her birthday feeling better. She had prayed that she would be healed by her birthday and her leg has nearly returned to normal. What happened? Oh just something about teaching her little sister how to walk the plank and then how to fall "off" the plank while playing pirates. Silly girl.

As per tradition, each one on their birthday gets to pick what we have for lunch or dinner. Els picked Chinese food. Yum! Here she is handing our pot stickers to get us started. Her chair was also decorated with tule tied in a bow in the back. It's hard to believe she is eight years old. Feels like it was just yesterday I was holding her in my arms in the hospital saying, "I can't believe she is here and that we can take her home." Happy Birthday Els.

Yesterday was also Bub's first football game of the season. They won the game 19-7 with Bub scoring two of the touchdowns with the help of some great blockers. After the game the coach had a meeting at the goalposts to congratulate the kids on their great teamwork. We are looking forward to more games and I am hoping to get some closeups of him in some plays. Being it was the beginning of the season it was hard to pick up the camera. I was focused more on just enjoying seeing Bub play.

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Brooke said...

Fun stuff, can't wait to see him play. Glad to hear she's feeling better. Happy Birthday Ellie (a day late).