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Monday, September 22, 2008

So sad I could cry...

I have been so careful watching our menu and being careful to not eat out. We have done well sticking to our once per week, until today. Yesterday was football day and we ate out, not expensively and time was short so it made sense. When we got home, I put beans in a large bowl to soak for today. I planned a special meal for my kids with black beans and rice. Seems simple enough but you have no idea what this meal means to my oldest two. You would think I had imported caviar the way they fawn over beans and rice. I don't like buying canned beans so in order for me to make it for them I have to have some forethought. And forethought I had.

This afternoon while I was making tomato sauce, I put the beans on the stove and boiled them for quite a while. I then added the seasonings and rice at the appropriate time getting more and more excited knowing that my kids could not wait for dinner. Time passed and I added more water and decided to head out to the shop to work on some organization while the kids played outside within earshot. My sister-in-law popped by and before I knew it 10 minutes had become 30 and when I returned inside the writing was on the wall. It burned. Not just a little burned. Not scrape off the top and soak the pan burned. No, it was burned through and through and through. The twins assured me that it was no problem, that in fact they liked a little charcoal and I can verify that it is true that they do. Depsite their willingness to eat it however, in the end, they were not able to force themselves to take a second bite.

As a result, we made a trip to Subway. Not a bad choice healthwise and since Daddy wasn't joining us and we had one vote for the lone can of tuna remaining, a mere $13.99 was spent. But that was the hardest $13.99 I have spent in a long time. This was not a lack of planning or sheer exhaustion that warranted the dinner rescue but just my absent mindedness instead. Oh how that $13.99 tasted like crow.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


Brooke said...

aaahhhhhh! Bummer!

Sheri said...

ok, do not bring those to the TOS Crew slumberparty! Hi matey. Thought I would drop by and say HI and see who everyone is. I guess at least, by accidently burning dinner, you kept Jared in business :-) and Subway too. Looking forward to working with you and have a great weekend.
Sheri (aka: 1 of 100)

Ginger said...

You simply must crock-pot next time! I feel your pain. :(