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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

S is for parenthesis

Isn't it nice? We think so. My hubster did a bang up job getting our schoolroom together. He built that big wrap around desk for me a few years back when I had a little business I was working on. Now it works very well for school. It has three work areas and we added another small desk for a fourth spot. There to the left almost out of view is a little blue table my grandfather made for us three girls growing up. It has three little chairs that match and it's a great spot for Lij to work on his things. The fact that you can see everything so well is another accomplishment for Steve to add to his list. He added two more lights above the work area and it is incredible how much that extra light helped. Now we don't feel so much like we are in the garage. We have a few things left to get done but this room is serving us well at the moment. We will add a computer counter, another light above the dining/art table and finish organizing the pre-schooler area. We have a little shelf with twelve bins on it filled with activities that get rotated every so often. We placed a small piece of carpet and a couple travel pillows on it for Lij to play when he is tired of being at the table. It's important for him to have some activities that he can do that develop skills but are fun to do at the same time. I will post more pictures of his area and explain what he does while we school when we finish getting it organized.

On a humorous note, Els was reading about Mexico during her quiet time. She was reading about how high a structure was in feet. She asked me if I could tell her what the numbers in the sympathies were. I asked her if she could show me, not sure what she was talking about. "Oh(chuckle), they converted the feet to meters in the parenthesis." Isn't she cute?

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