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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2 of "Squash My Spending"

Here we are at day two. Today I plan to go to a great little place in town that carries dented cans and close to expiring boxed food. We love this place. They have great deals there and I need to stock up on microwavable soups for hubby for those days when we don't have any leftovers. They almost always have them, he loves them and for 50 cents each you can't go wrong for lunch. Plus, it beats him going next door and spending $5 for lunch.

I also need to get gas but I have more than half a tank so that shouldn't be too bad. It's the beginning of the month so there will be quite a bit of spending this week preparing for the month ahead. We will be very careful though in our decisions of what will cross the threshhold at our house.

We are also heading out to go swimming today, one more expense. It's our school is starting hoorah with a few families we know that homeschool.

If you want to keep up with our spending, keep an eye on my sidebar. I will be tracking our purchases there under the verse.

It will be fun to be creative. I would love to hear any other great ideas on what we can do to save more. Feel free to leave me a comment.


oceans5 said...

I am doing 30 days of nothing too. It is only day 2 and already I want to drive to Wendy's.LOL. It should be pretty fun to save money though. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had such a little store in my town. I agree, it will be fun being creative.

I like how you'll be tracking your spending in the sidebar. Now that's a creative idea.

dpjps said...

Have you tried "hypermiling" with your vehicles? We do it as much as we are able and it really does save on gas. Some of the basic concepts are:

-Accelerate slowly from a stop.
-Coast as much as possible, especially when approaching a red light or stop sign. Here in hilly MD we do a lot of downhill coasting!
-If you'll be at a long red light, turn the engine off while you wait. Any idling over 10 seconds wastes gas.
-Take your foot off the gas every chance you get.
-As a whole, just drive gentler and you will save gas and money!