I am wife to a magnificent man and mother to five wonderful children. Three of my children were born in the Northwest and two were born thousands of miles away in Liberia, West Africa. Birthplace is no matter, all of my children were born in my heart. This is our journey.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We are home sweet home...

We purchased a tent trailer about a month ago. Camping is the way we will be vacationing for the most part now. It is very roomy with one bed at each end as well as two dining areas that make into beds. Beds, a kitchen area and so far we have been able to have sites very close or right across from bathrooms with showers. That is a must for this camping maven. Fishing was part of this trip and the kids had great fun looking through the fishing box before Dad took Bub and Els. Lij, Em and Lil came shopping with me. We scored at a craft store that is going out of business.

The campground that we visited was within walking distance of the beach. Here Bub is helping little brother jump the waves. How cute is that?

I love this one. The kids and their Dad.

It goes by so fast...

My girls dancing in the water.

Now getting ready to run.

It was a fantastic trip with lots of fun and lots of serenity. This picture is symbolic to me. My kids under a sky only a perfect Creator could paint. Always under His care.

Isn't His creation simply magnificent?


Kelli said...

Those are some great pics, Angie. It looks like it was a super fun time!

Lori in KY said...

Beautiful pictures and it looks like you had a wonderful time with your family!

I really like your new blog design. Very cool! Like you :) !


musicmommy3 said...

Love the pics!! Glad that y'all had so much FUN!!