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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Orange and Red. The new black?

The fine people at Parent Bloggers are at it again sponsored this time by the folks at Toys R Us and with a $250 Visa gift card hanging in the balance, you can't blame me for blogging about their requested topic, can you?

It is my goal as a mom to help my children navigate the waters of dressing themselves with dignity, coordination and if there happens to be some personal expression that happens, well then that's just gravy.

We have had some doosies of outfits that have come down the stairs here, not to mention some of the valiant attempts at 4 and 6 year olds trying to do their own hair, bless their little hearts. But any self respecting mother has to draw the line somewhere between self expression and self preservation. I mean a necklace here or an old loudly colored t-shirt there and possibly a slightly wonky pony tail is acceptable. But orange shirts and red shorts? Oh yes, I have let him wander the cul-de-sac in said outfit. Not just one outfit though mind you. The boy has several orange shirts as dictated by our love for a certain college football team. But where he got the idea that it would go dandily with red shorts I have no idea. Not just once in a while either, several times per week. And if I question him on it, oh my, how he is just confounded as to why I don't get it.

Then we have Miss Queen Diva and her love for everything layered. So far the neighbors have been kept from the secret that lies behind our front door. The many near misses of the blue plaid sweater vest, mismatched with long sleeved pink shirt underneath and the green capris that sets this whole ensemble apart. Oh, it's happened. More than once. But heavy was the sigh of relief as I ran to rescue her from herself before she hit the pavement to play with friends.

I'm all for self expression where my kids are concerened, within reason. Sometimes it's best to keep it in our own living rooms, however.

It's a fashion jungle out there, people. Beware.


Brooke said...

That's cute. I have seen some of the daunting outfits but it's great to give them some freedom of self expression. Good job on the post! Hope you win!

daughtersfather said...

I think he might have gotten that color combo from Josh. Sorry 'bout that.

musicmommy3 said...

ROFL!! THAT was great!!