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Saturday, September 13, 2008

No pain, no gain

I wish I had pictures for you but well I just didn't think to pick up my camera. Hubby is trying to get a 10X12 shed moved off of our property and it's not going very smoothly. The trailer that we borrowed is, well it's almost 3 feet off the ground. Getting the shed jacked up high enough to slide onto said trailer is the challenge. He got it up to about 20 inches before he decided that taking the shed apart would be something he could do more easily. Now, easily is a word I use loosly and is relative in this case. It won't really be easy but my guy sure does love his mom. She has chickens and has needed a new chicken coup for a very long time. Temporary structure to temporary structure just isn't feasible anymore and since we have this shed that really isn't necessary...you can see where this is going. Or in this case, where the shed is going. We have a nice size yard but the shed is in an awkward spot for all of the other plans we have, so it seems we have a nice arrangement happening but the follow through could be interesting. Check back soon and I will work on getting some picks of the teardown for those interested.

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musicmommy3 said...

What a good son! :)

This is one of those things you will look back on later and laugh.

"Honey do you remember the time when you took apart that shed?" LOL