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Monday, September 15, 2008

Who me? Spending? No way...

So I will confess that the not spending is getting harder to carry out the further into the month we get. I did neet to get some fill in groceries to use some of the things in the back of the pantry. Add to those items milk, butter, sour cream (yeah that's a staple in our house) and chicken that was get this...$.69 per pound. Now that is worth stocking up on even in a month of spending less. Approximately $48 later and we are dangerously near the 2/3 mark at only halfway through the month but I'm not worried. We have plenty of butter, milk, bread or ingredients to make bread, meat and veggies to make it through. If not, the remaining $100 should be enough of a cushion to fill in if necessary. Oh I almost forgot, we did stop by a veggie stand and picked up 20 pounds of pears, apples and cucumbers. That will throw us up and over $200 spent so far but I think it was money well spent. That should help cover snacks for awhile.

I boiled off one of those chickens last night. We had chicken ranch wraps and there was enough chicken and broth left over for soup for a day predicted to have rain this week.

Menu for today:
Breakfast: Egg and cheese burritos with pico de gallo
Lunch: Sandwiches and pears
Dinner: Chef salad with boiled eggs, turkey, cheese and tomatoes. Fruit for dessert.

We did need to pick up a few items for a birthday this weekend but did pretty well keeping it to essentials.

How are you other participants doing? Are you hanging in there?

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Brooke said...

OK so I'm not doing the 30 days of nuttin' but we have come down close to the end after doing some fun things and God has really showed me how He will provide for the rest. Can't wait to see how it will work! Isn't He good!