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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unmatched talent.

I have learned not to question my husband. Ok, well that might be a little bit of a stretch. It's more like I question and quickly resign myself to his ideas.

So when he said let's go buy that dining table that is for sale at the coast I knew I should get ready to go along for the ride. It is used and was a great deal because of it's location. They had been trying to sell if for a long time but because it in the middle of nowhere up the coast, they couldn't sell it. We drove up. Steve dropped me and 3 kids at the outlet mall and he went to get it. He figured that we could fit it in the van with all of us and no things, take it back to the beach house and we could come back for it later in the truck. (We stay at a home used for missionaries home on leave and do a work exchange for time spent there.)

But then those wheels started turning in my very talented husband's head. He started looking at things and discovered that the table and base were in several pieces. So folks, we brought home seven people, 3 clothing bags, a cooler, 1 bag of groceries, a dog and her crate, games and other vacation miscellaneous as well as a dining table. Who knew?

Good thing we have the extended minivan. It comes in handy. He really is talented and can see the possible in the impossible. The table was a great find and is much bigger than what we had. That's a good thing as it looks like our kids don't intend to stop growing. Good job hun! (Brains and good looks, too!)

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daughtersfather said...

I'm still waitin' for those pictures of you racing on the beach...chicken?