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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Money Meme

They say that what's in your wallet reveals your priorities. Let's test that theory. List 12 cards you find in your wallet, then tag 12 people.

1. My debit card.
2. My other debit card.
3. Library card.
4. Another library card.
5. Store membership card.
6. Medical insurance card.
7. Paper store membership card.
8. Safeway giftcard.
9. Fred Meyer giftcard.
10. Car insurance card.
11. Goodwill club card.
12. Safeway club card.

I tag anyone who wants to do this. It's fun! I cleaned out my wallet in the process. Thanks, Ginger!

1 comment:

daughtersfather said...

1. Insurance card
2. Electrician Journeyman license
3. Drivers License
4. Visa Card
5. Toyota plastic key card
6. Debit Card
7. Church credit card
8. Costco Card
9. Ordination Certificate
10. High School Winter Sports Pass
11. Bi-Mart Membership card
12. Chemeketa Student I.D. card