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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glad to be home but can't wait to go back.

The picture below pretty much sums up how we all felt on our long weekend. We got home yesterday. You know that you relaxed for the right amount of time when you are glad to be home but can't wait to go back again. Doesn't she just look free?

It was rocking the boat, crashing waves, crazy windy, stormy at times.

But then the sun would break out and we would get ourselves down to the beach to soak it up while it lasted. This pic below is one of my faves. Not for it's composition or the stellar photography but for what it makes me remember. There were times on the beach when it would be completely quiet except for the crashing waves and everyone would be in their own world, doing their own thing. I could soak that up for hours.

These two goofballs enjoyed a lot of time together while the kids played in the sand. Seriously, our time was most definitely refreshing.

I think we were all overdue for some time away. We completely vegged out with no plans. We even had time for races. They were hilarious. There are photos of me racing the kids also but trust me, it's not pretty. I like this one much better.

There were tide pools everywhere and these two spent most of their time searching them when they weren't busy building dams and diverting streams with their dad and siblings.

I'm probably biased, but I think I have some of the best looking, good natured kids around.

We hope to go back soon. 7 months was far too long for this family. You can look forward to a few more beach posts this week. I took a lot of pictures.

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Kidcraze said...

It looks wonderful!

I love the racing picture.