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Thursday, February 5, 2009

It takes less time than you think.

So often, I think that organizing projects will take more time than I have. In reality, most of the time they don't take as long as I expect. Changing sheets really only takes several minutes. That was downright shocking to me when I found that out. There is no excuse for not washing them more often. We do have 6 beds regularly used so 24 minutes every week or two isn't time I can't find. It's a bummer too what with all my excuse making about not having time to wash them. It's a shame I put these projects off because the results are worth the time that I put into it.

This cabinet has been driving me crazy for obvious reasons. Mostly it has been laziness when unloading the dishwasher. It was a sad, sad thing this cabinet. I decided to tackle it yesterday once and for all to keep me sane. I unloaded and re-loaded it finding lids and mates for containers.

This was the finished result. For goodness sake, it took me less than 10 minutes. 10 minutes people!!! I now know that I do not need any more storage containers as I once thought and in fact I even unloaded a few lidless ones making a little more room. I have decided that I should pick one small project like this each week. Nothing too time consuming. Just a cabinet here and a drawer there. I waste so much time managing things, I think this investment of time will pay off.

I then ended the afternoon taking care of these two scallawags. They woke up from their naps with fevers and had a rough transition time to awakedom. Off to my bed I say! Thirty minutes there watching PBS did the trick and they are feeling much better today. Doesn't Lij look pitiful?

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