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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Favorite Bible characters from a 4 year old

At dinner last night we asked our resident four year old who his favorite Bible characters are and why. Here is what followed in his own words with my commentary after.

1) "Noah. I like the animals and he wears my favorite color, orange."

Solid reasons if you ask me. Who doesn't love a nice animal story where people get to wear orange? We do have a Noah's Ark set, in his defense, and in it Noah is wearing an orange tunic of sorts. Noah is most definitely his favorite as he prays for him and talks about not being able to wait to go to heaven and meet him.

2) "Jophes. Because he was the dad to Baby Jesus and there was no room in the indoors but then they found room at a indoor for Baby Jesus. That's why I like him."

He is speaking of the well known Joseph here. I love that he doesn't quite have his name down and very hesitantly called the inn the indoors because he couldn't remember exactly. Really, at four years old, when you hear someone say no room at the inn, you would assume that was just short for the indoors.

3) "Jesus. (Now with arms raised.) Because he has the POWER to stop the waves and the wind for the staples."
Now this one killed us because we weren't quite sure what he meant by the staples. Do staples have an aversion to wind and powerful waves? However when I asked about the staples he replied, "Yes, the staples and they went like this."
Suddenly we realized that it was of the DISCIPLES he was speaking. He thought that they must have been so surprised when the wind and waves stopped. Oh my, did we have to exercise some restraint. I don't want him to be embarrassed when he tells us stories so we try not to right out laugh but this one was too good.
I think fours years old is my favorite age. My most memorable and hilarious memories from each of my kids is when they were four. Plus they all accepted Christ at that age. Awesome.


daughtersfather said...

Oh, this was classic. Absolutely hilarious. I love that little guy and you can tell him I said so!

suzannah said...

this is adorable! i love how he can identify with the story so much he attributes emotion to the "staples." precious in his sight:)