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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Phi Beta Kappa of Crockpotting.

I mentioned yesterday in my post that we are going on a field trip today to the science center. We have been watching our spending what with all of the exciting economy happenings in the news. Well today I just may get to upgrade my membership in the crockpot club if all goes well.

There, on the counter, is a seasoned porketta roast, 2 peppers, 1 onion and a jar of homemade salsa. These ingredients will make some of the best fajitas you have ever had.
A while back hubby bought this car adapter thing that I though was a little frivolous and I couldn't see the need for. It plugs into your car lighter and then has several outlets on it for plugging things in on a trip. Oh, how I have had to eat crow on those days that I was running errands and forgot to charge my cell phone. This piece of electronic genius has saved me a time or two.

Today, my hope is that it and my crockpot will prove my frugal homemaking prowess. All of the above ingredients are simmering in the crockpot as we speak. Come field trip time I will shred the now cooked pork roast with salsa, peppers and onions and we will then plug it into the van. I'll throw in the little cooler a package of whole wheat tortillas, a pint of sour cream and some shredded cheese. At six o'clock or so we will come out of the science center and have a little gourmet picnic. Ok, maybe not exactly gourmet but really good none the less. For $13.14 we will have a warm home/van cooked meal. It comes to $1.87 per person. A little more than we usually spend but better than the $3 or so per person that we would normally spend on fast food that we know isn't so great for us.
Mark it on your calendar honey. I was wrong about the little plugging in adapter thingy. It is totally worth it.

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Shannon said...

Okay. I have to admit that I got a little giggle thinking about you guys driving down the highway with your crockpot just a cooking. However, now I would like to know where Steve got the adapter thingy so I can follow in your footsteps. We're running quite a bit for sports for the girls right now and I'm tired of sandwiches and wraps. On that note, if you have any other good ideas for food on the go, let me know! You are amazing!