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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sports or no sports

That is the question for us right now. We actually have already made the decisions for spring sports this year for the kids but it hasn't been easy. Our two oldest children thrive when involved in a sport. They do pretty well the rest of the time but they are so happy and relaxed when involved in a team sport. Track is coming up and they were planning on being apart again this year but we broke it to them a couple nights ago that they would be sitting out this year. It was a hard decision and we knew they would be disappointed. Bub finished football in the fall with a knee issue. The doctor said it is most likely a condition called Osgood-Schlatters. Basically his bones are growing faster then the tendons are and so there is pain in the knee. As he gets older, he will grow out of it. As Lil has been getting full swing in the basketball season she looks to be developing the same condition. We would rather them take a year off rather than aggrivate the condition and have to sit out next year also.

I know that sports are not for every household. For ours, it is fabulous for our kids. Teamwork is reinforced, physical activity is regular without my planning and it is a great family activity. For the most part, we try to only have one sport going at a time. The whole family then goes together to watch whichever child is in the sport. We all take turns supporting and cheering each other on and it builds our family relationship.

It's not always easy. Making sure jerseys are washed as well as getting to practice and games can present challenges. Then you have the fact that coaches are people too and aren't always the best example. We have had some issues there but it has provided great training for our kids. There may be a day where they will have a job without a fair boss and they may need to serve under that leadership anyway. Learning how to do that with your parents help is a positive thing I believe.

So this spring the two younger girls will play soccer and we will find some physical activities for the twins. Things like biking and swimming that will strengthen the muscles and tendons that support the knee instead of pounding them.

Again, I know that sports aren't for every family. For ours, for now, it works. But as with everything in parenting, it's all subject to change as the needs of our kids change.

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Brooke said...

I think you do a great job juggling the need for sports but not too many at once. I think it's great that the younger ones get a chance. Good job! Now Emma is asking me about soccer.