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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing in the "hood"

You can tell that all of the kids in the neighborhood are itching for some summer fun. It's been warmer this week and two nights ago they started a game of capture the flag. They didn't really know how to play so Steve helped get them started. This is not your average game of capture the flag however. This is Capture the Flag-2009 style. Walkie-talkies are involved.
The occasional squirt gun might appear.

The sword is just for looks. This kid feels so big when there is a game he can join in on. It was boys against girls and he loves getting to hang out with the big guys.

They played again last night and I'm pretty sure it's on their minds for today. It's hilarious to listen to them make their plans. I love it when they ask when they can do their afternoon chores so they can be ready for when the other kids get to come outside.

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