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Friday, August 22, 2008

Move over bacon!

School is coming. It is ineveitable. It happens every year. New supplies, backpacks, clothing, shoes and socks. It's a time of new beginnings and it can be even more of a starting over experience for some kids. I remember in the 5th grade being the new kid. Isn't being the new kid so hard? I walked into the classroom and the teacher told me that I could pick any empty desk and get settled. I decided to do just that so that I would have something to do to be distracted from my nervousness.

As I unpacked, a girl from my new class walked over to me and said "My friend was going to sit there. It's right by my desk and we want to sit together." I responded to her by saying "Well then, I guess she should have got here sooner". I was taken back by my own response. I am usually pretty accomodating and not quite so snippy. But in my defense it was my first day and I was completely unsettled. I did not want to be pushed around. I must have earned her respect because we became fast friends. That "girl" has been my friend ever since and we still talk from time to time today. More than 20 years we have been friends so I guess it all worked out alright.

It's another weekend of blogblast over at
Parent Bloggers. They are giving away $50 giftcards to Hanes randomly for blogging about a first day of school memory. I don't complain about free socks.

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