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Saturday, August 2, 2008

30 days of nothing

Another financial post if you will indulge me. There is a challenge out there to do 30 days of nothing. Meaning spending nothing on things not needed. The challenge can look however you would like it to. Steve and I have decided to do this and I will post more details as I get them organized. The idea is not mine but we really liked it. It can mean no new clothing, eating out, buying coffee, no garage sales or auctions, whatever you choose. I think we will do it in September as August is our stocking up month on school supplies.

It will take some effort on my part as I will need to do some more freezer meals for busy football days coming up so we are not tempted to eat out. I do this some already, but not nearly enough. The result of this will be a stellar example for our kids. They watch our every move and if we become dependent on convenience then they will follow suit. My goal is to leave a legacy, one that sparks the next generation. Everything we do matters, including the way we spend and eat.

Can we do it? I'm not sure but I am betting that we will save some money regardless of whether we do it perfectly. I am sure we will set up a plan for those items that are a good deal and do matter to our household if they are a great deal. But it will be a 2 yesses plan. Meaning we both have to say yes to the item and it's necessity. I believe that accountability will be an essential key to this challenge.

Are you game to try? Leave me a comment if you are and I will see if I can get some details up.

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Brooke said...

30 days??? That's a long time. Maybe 2 weeks and than maybe 30 days. It's a good challenge. You'll have to post updates. September will be busy w/ football and school, wow brave woman!!