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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

They came! They came! They came!

Now that I am a swimming hound, I decided it was time to get the proper equipment. The Olympics are only another four years away, you know? In all seriousness, I am excited about the new stuff. A new cap to save my hair from the chlorine, anti-fog goggles so I can stay in my lane and best of all? A waterproof MP3 player complete with armband so I can up my pace. It's amazing how having upbeat music speeds up your workout. I have to have some way to keep up with Michael Phelps. My word, that guy is fast. Five gold medals so far. There is more to my life however...

Bub. Em and I pulled the carrots out of the garden today and canned them. They will be great in all of our winter soups this year. They are the easiest things to can in my opinion. I may even have time to do a second planting and can more before winter comes. Hubby was so impressed with all I got accomplished today that when he came home that he took over dinner, BBQ'd and cut up a nice watermelon. I threw together a salad and voila dinner was done. Summer is so nice.

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Anonymous said...

You are good!!! I need to start taking notes. So I'll start a gardening column, and cooking column, a canning column, and a saving money column and start making notes everytime I read your blog--you are my inspiration! =)