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Sunday, August 17, 2008

She works hard for the money...

Do you garage sale? I do. Why pay full price when you can get what you need for so much less? Especially kids items. Clothing, shoes, toys. They use them for such a short period of time anyway. Bargains are a hot topic these days with the turn in the economy. Right now at Parent Bloggers they are giving away gift cards to some who are posting about their best bargains ever. They are linked up with Couponers.com for this giveaway.

So the giveaway made me think about my best bargains ever. Garage sale or otherwise. I love Gap Kids. Their clothing ranks up there for me. I never pay full price for an item and don't shop there often. When I was a new mommy and had our first baby at home I went shopping for a winter coat for her. I walked straight to the back of the store to the clearance rack. Right in front of me was this beautiful coat of many colors. I mean seriously gorgeous. I wish I had a picture. The retail price on this jacket was $68. I would never and I mean never....ever....ever....pay that for a jacket. Even for myself. The markdown? $6.99. I grabbed and ran, no looking back. The gal at the counter was astounded that they had marked it down to that and told me what a good deal I was getting. I thought to myself "Um yeah, I know, can I go before you change your mind?" The best part though? I sold it years later when our youngest girl was too big for it for $20 on Ebay. Two of my girls wore it and I made money on it. Crazy I tell you.

My latest steal of a deal was at a garage sale. A genuine Louis Vuitton purse for $5. Now, I am not a huge brand hound. If I can find a great deal on it then very cool but I am not searching for brands. Just quality for a good price. But Louis Vuitton for half the price that I can get a purse at Wally World? Now we are talking. It does have one issue with a clasp on a pocket but I am willing to overlook that. I checked Ebay to see what this partuicular purse is listed for there. I about had a heart attack. Several hundred dollars...starting. Wowza!

So go on over and check out the links. It ends today!

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Daisy said...

Consignment stores are great, too - brand name clothes and accessories for so little money! I shopped there before I had a full time job, and now that I teach full time I still have trouble walking into the mall to buy clothes. It just feels like I'm spending too much.