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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Reflection

I have been drawing a blog blank this week. It's raining this morning but summer is just around the corner and we have all short timer's disease I think. I know I do. We are nearing the end of our planned lessons for the year and sometimes when it's really quiet...ok, well maybe the one time is was really quiet, I could hear my garden calling my name.

I have 12 onions up and doing quite well in a container in the front of the house and 10 holes of potatoes in the back in what I lovingly refer to as "The Patch". The kids are anxious to have a piece of land to call their own this year so we are going to mark off spots for them to work themselves. I like the idea of summer project that they can take ownership of.

Things are moving right along in the yard. There are blades of grass out there now and it should start to fill in over the next few weeks. The kids have all kinds of plans for that grass when we are able to occupy it. The lilacs in the post are a sign of new life to me this year. This lilac bush has never bloomed since we have lived here until this year. It has resided for many, many years under two oak trees that soaked up all the sun above it. Last year when we removed the two trees, it got buds on it but they never really opened. This year, however, look how beautiful. Oh, and the smell. I cannot get enough. There is a family history with lilacs and we didn't even know what this bush was for the longest time since it didn't get flowers on it. I love that this bush is here. It gives me a connection to my mom when we can't be near each other. Each time I smell the flowers I think of her. I love how heavy they are with the drizzle of this morning.
Enjoy your Sunday...

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The Six Sohn's said...

I love lilacs :) We have one out in the backyard and I was just out there today smelling the wonderful aroma! When we moved in to this house last summer there were alot of over grown plants. This year I have cut all of them back and they are doing so good. It is amazing what happens when you have someone who will take care of them :) All the rose bushes are so thinck and healthy :) I can't wait to see how everything looks this summer :) But I think what I am looking forward to the most is having the little garden space, I can't wait for fresh tomatoes and cucumbers!