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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Mckmama's Not me Monday is back!!! It's the place to confess our less than stellar parenting moments while pretending we did not do them and it feels so good to be honest. So strap yourself in, get on over to Mckmama's and settle in for some good laughs.
Here we go...
*This last week I most certainly did not need to head out to the store wearing pj bottoms deciding that they kind of looked like cute capris and think to myself who would notice, it's 9:00pm? Nope, not me.
*I have not ignored all of the ironing hanging in front of the the downstairs laundry/bathroom window because I needed the curtain from that window in an upstairs bathroom leaving said laundry/bathroom curtainless thus leaving those using the bathroom exposed. Thus leaving the ironing. And I don't write run-on sentences. Not a chance that is me.
*In an attempt to get ready for my garage sale, I did not borrow a clothing rack and then take the clothing of the person using the clothing rack and put them in my van for the garage sale and haul them around for 4 days moving them from place to place each time we used the van instead of moving them into the shop. No, not me, that would be lazy and such a waste of time.
*I also most certainly did not say goodbye to my family and watch them drive out while waiting for someone who was coming to look at something I had for sale. I did not then see my family drive back in minutes later and think how uncanny it was that the person coming over had the same van as us and was hauling around a similar pile of clothes in the front only to discover it was MY family coming back home. I most certainly am not that clueless.
So that's it! Head on over to Mckmama's blog and follow the links to other Not Me Monday mom's being brutally honest. Enjoy!

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