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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just 15 minute Challenge

Just about anybody can do just about anything for 15 minutes. This is what I tell my kids and I believe it myself. There are some chores that seem so overwhelming. Looking at them, one would think it would take so much time. But, I have found that some chores that seem daunting really don't take that much time. Making a bed takes just a couple of minutes, changing sheets just a few more.

Yesterday I used the 15 minute rule with my kids. It begins with me telling what the 15 minute project will be and then we set the timer. They know that 15 minutes is it. When the timer goes off we stop. They also know that if they don't work hard for that 15 minutes the timer will be re-set. This helps with the occasional lollygagger. Nobody wants the timer reset.

Yesterday we set the timers and the project was their bedroom. It also helps when we do bedrooms that we have a boys bedroom and a girls bedroom. When the timers started there was some healthy competition going on between the rooms. They didn't cmopletely finish the rooms in the alotted time but when the timer went off they were ready to stop. Another day we will do it again and they will most likely finish.

At the same time they are doing a 15 minute unsavory job I also pick one. In yesterday's case I chose ironing. I had been putting it off and I had 10 shirts from husband and two sons. When the timer went off I had finished 5 but at that point the kids were now enjoying their cleaner rooms and playing. I was also quite pleased to be blazing through the job so I let the kids play for another 15 minutes while I finished all of the ironing. That felt so good!

So here's my challenge. Get a stop watch and pick some chores. Have the kids go around with you and time each other doing various chores around the house. It really will be surprising to you and to them how little time it takes to do certain things. Have fun!

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Christine said...

What a great idea. :)