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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No pain no gain.

We have been wanting to put a good layer of compost on our garden since we moved in three years ago. $35/yard at a local mulch and rock company was less than appealing. But yesterday we went to a local farmer who sells it for $8/yard. Now you are talking my language.

Last night, Lil and I spread the truck load all over the garden. It will be worth every scoop that it took to move it when the fresh veggies start rolling in. We got in on the garden just in time too. It is supposed to rain on and off the rest of the week. This weekend or early next week we will till the compost in and begin planting.

See those potato plants? This makes me very happy. 7 of the 10 potato holes have plants emerging. I imagine the rest will appear soon and then we can start our second planting of reds. Also, take note of the green hue in the background up there. We are getting a lawn!

I like to stagger plantings so that harvest times are a little easier. I will can one planting of carrots first and then later on, can the second planting. It spreads out the work a bit and helps keep the canning from being too overwhelming.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Shannon said...

Looking good Ang! You guys did a great job. I'd like to be inspired but the weather is uncooperative here!