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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am not a hippie.

Last year for Steve's birthday two of our girls bought him a tie-dye kit. He was very excited and we have wanted to have a day to do the project. Since Steve's birthday is around the corner again, we thought we better get on it. The kids have wanted to make matching family t-shiorts for a long time. It makes it easier to find each other and count kids when we are on field trips and or just out and about when we have matching shirts.

The process wasn't very complicated.

The kids each got to help squeeze dye and they all chose their own colors and design.

Everyone could NOT wait to see what they looked like when we took them out of their plastic bags the next day.

We let the older ones use the dye themselves.

Middle ones had a little help.

We think they turned out great and they were a nice colorful addition to the yard for awhile while they dried after being rinsed.

And we made one more fun family memory.


Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

OH I love tiedye! And look how amazing your's turned out!! Hope you have a blessed weekend!
In Him,

Zip n Tizzy said...

They're so beautiful and vibrant.
My son's best friend was wearing a tie-dye he had made the other day and he was So proud of it.
Made me think we should make some too.
After seeing yours, I really want to make some!