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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Me and You and You and Me.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there. It's a special day and one I very much enjoy. Of course there is more meaning to it for me with five children that I am blessed to be mother to every single day.

To say that I take after my mother is an understatement. I take after her in looks. When I introduce her as my mother, people laugh and sarcastically say that they would never have known that. I also have her hands. I will be doing something around the house or sitting with my children and I will look down and I will see my mother's hands. I love that.

We both love lilacs, shoes and chocolate and prefer tic tacs over gum. We are babies in the heat and air conditioning is our best friend in the summer. All of my mattresses have mattress protectors on them and there is chocolate in my purse. Both things I did not come up with on my own. We also enjoy shopping alone as a way to unwind but also love shopping with each other. We also both get stressed when there is too much to do and we feel out of control. I also inherited her laugh. I laugh late at night so hard at funny shows just like I remember hearing my mother do as I would fall to sleep growing up.

But I think the things that I get most from my mom are those traits in my character. The strongest being a sense of justice. To see things that have been wronged righted. My mom has a heart for children and for all children to have forever homes. There is a fire deep in my heart for the same. Now that's a rich inheritance and one that I am very proud of.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I sure did get the better end of the deal. I love you.

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