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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You say potato, I say potata.

We love potatoes at our house. We decided to remove a whole row of roses and convert the bed to a potato patch. Roses are very pretty but they don't fill our bellies. We passed the roses on to two seperate rose lovers who were thrilled to replant them at their homes.

Half will be Yukon Golds and half will be reds.

Lij was in charge of picking out weed barrier plastic pieces that made their way to the top when the area was tilled.

I originally intended to grow the potatoes in round containers making better use of space but the cost of the containers made me re-think that. So we are using the hole method.

We dug holes about 8 inches deep and added the sprouting potatoes. We then covered them in dirt but not filling in the hole completely.

As they send up plants we will add dirt around the plants and then more dirt the taller they get. Bring on the potatoes!

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Mama Jenn said...

Sounds like fun!!! Maybe I will attempt to grow some potatoes in my garden. :-)

I have a blog award for you at http://mama-jenn.blogspot.com/2009/05/one-lovely-blog-award.html