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Friday, January 15, 2010

Staying active in the winter

Homeschooling your kids means that you have to make sure that you provide lots of physical opportunities in the winter. Without a gym and the fact that we live in a rainy part of the country makes that a challenge. But activity is a very important requirement when you are home all of the time.
I was having some cabin fever and was feeling a little snippy. I had just sent the kids out to play for a bit before school because the sun had come out and there was no guarantee that it would last. A few nights before during Lil's basketball practice Steve had the other kids playing line tag in a gym that was empty next door.

I talked to Steve and told him about my morning so far and the challenge I was having. He suggested line tag for after school since the kids had enjoyed it so much. Great idea! Bub went out and used his chalk to make the course. I called the kids in and told them that when we finished school we would go out and play line tag with our neighbors. They were thrilled and it gave them something to look forward to while they worked on the basics.

Even though we do get some sun breaks we have to find solutions while it rains too. We have never been fans of video games and that hasn't really changed. However, looking for a solution to the winter time blues, we decided to surprise the kids at Christmas last year and purchased a Wii. It has been invaluable in the colder months last year and this year as well. It was hardly used in the summer but come the rain and cold and here we are again.

Some of the games are absolutely hilarious. Last night Steve and Lil had a few pool matches and after that Steve challenged Els to a cow racing competition. I love that the Wii can be a whole family activity and breaks us of our cabin fever. It helps. Spring, how we miss you.

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Looks like fun!!