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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Basketball and other odds and ends

We are into the next season of sports with full force. Lil is playing basketball and I am grateful that so far there are only two practices per week which helps it not be too hectic. One practice cuts into Awana night which is a bummer on hand but kind of nice on another. Having both activities on one night keeps five nights free. I treasure nights with no plans.

We have started school back up and it's going pretty well. Math is proving to be more of a challenge for one person but we are trudging through and making progress. It is definitely hard to get back into a schedule with three weeks off that included lots of sleeping in. Add to that a mom who started a cold at the beginning of last week that is now stretching into this week and you have one tired mom.

Steve's car was totalled last month while parked outside his office building. We finally got the check from the other insurance company last week and were able to purchase a nice car for less than the check. I have been using for all of my errands the last week since it is really fun to drive. So far Steve hasn't minded sharing too much with me.

One of my teenage brothers came to stay last weekend and that was fun for all of us. He hasn't been here for awhile and it was nice to play games of Scrabble and watch the kids climb all over him.

Well, that's it for now. Mount Washmore calls. Hopefully I will have something more interesting to share tomorrow.

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