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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Remember this from a few days ago? It was my first organizing project of the new year and I am happy to say that it is done.

We started by completely emptying the pantry in assembly line fashion. I then vaccummed out the various bits of flour, flax seed and chocolate chips. A wash down of the shelf paper and scrubbing of the floor completed the first phase.

After the cleaning was done I made a mental plan of action. I removed one shelf from the door that is always tipping and got rid of it. I then moved some of the inside portable hanging shelves to places that made more sense for my plan.

Here is what I finished with. It's not perfect and I may do some tweaking but it was good to take inventory and see what I have too much of and what we need to get. I think that four packages of napkins and three boxes of kitchen bags is overkill. I might have to investigate my apparant concern for running out of either one of those items. It could be symbolic.

The new organization moved items to better locations. For the younger set in our house chips have been moved to higher ground while the cereal options are within reach. This makes more sense for us.

Taking the basket off the door also gave me a place to post the menu for the week as well as a blank shopping list to fill out when anyone takes the last of something out of the pantry. The kids can also make requests for an item here.
All in all, the hour I spent on this project was absolutely worth it. Now on to the hall closet. I'm not sure I can bring myself to show before pictures of that. It's bad!!!

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kelli said...

Nice. I loved the before pic though, it cracked me up. Because I can relate! Ha ha. Isn't organization a nice, freeing feeling?