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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The cry of Haiti

I'm not sure if I have ever shared here that Steve and I were honored to be able to spend just over a week in Haiti almost three years ago. My dad led a trip there and my brother was able to go as well. I am sure that you have heard about the devastating earthquake that occurred in Haiti yesterday.

There is a compound in Haiti called Canaan about thirty miles north of Port au Prince, the capital that has been leveled. We stayed there the entire trip. Canaan houses more than one hundered orphan children plus many workers who care for them. Canaan and it's residents fill the children's bellies with food, their hearts with love and their spirits with life of our living God. The moment one of the children greeted me at the airport my heart broke into a thousand pieces. In that instant I knew that a piece of my heart would not go home with me as well as a piece of Haiti would remain in my heart.

This little girl quickly became my shadow. Wherever I was no matter what I was doing a little hand would slip into mine and she would lean into me. It was hard to leave her there.

This place is an oasis in a desert. They take care of their own as well as reach out to the surrounding community sharing all that they have.

There are no walls around Canaan (unusual as that may be) yet no one with evil intent has ever crossed the property line. They are protected as they show the true love of Christ.

Haiti is a beautiful place but the lands have been stripped leaving it the poorest of all countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Pastor Henri and Sister Gladys have a passion for the hearts of the people in Haiti. You cannot go there and not catch the vision.

The conditions there are not easy, the work is not easy. But there is hope.

Christ in the little girl is hope.

Working side by side is hope.

This painted mural is on a wall in Canaan. The writing means "Togetherness in Christ".

Canaan needs us more than ever now. Word made it out that our friends are safe but resources will be scarce more than ever before. Canaan will take care of those around them and they need Christ to work through us together. If you are moved to help you can send donations to the following reputable organization and they will forward it to Canaan:

True Vine Christian Fellowhip
118 4th Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

Please mark that your donation is for Canaan in Haiti.

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