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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My nemesis: Socks

It's the same thing every year. Once the weather cools and the rains comes, it's time for the socks to come out. Most of us would prefer to go in flip flops all year and not mess with socks. In our neck of the woods that's not very practical. Not that it stops a few naysayers from expressing their annoyance at having to find a match before we venture out. We're working on that.

A few winters ago, we came up with a way to make the job easier to swallow. We take the large basket of single socks and dump them on the floor.

Then the race begins. For each pair of socks they earn a small piece of candy. This makes the job go really fast and last time the kids asked if I could sit out so they had more chances at candy.

(Yes, my oldest girl is wearing gloves in the house. She is always cold.)

The reward candy is something like jelly bellies, sweetarts or gummies. Not the healthiest options but they usually end up with somewhere between 10-25, not too many really. It's over quickly and everyone has pairs of socks in their drawers again. Me - 1, Socks - 0.


The Six Sohn's said...

I am going to take this idea!!!! I hate (I know it is a strong word) folding socks!!!!! I always wait until it is the very last load. I think the kids will like this idea and I will love not having to do it by myself! I too think they will want to do it all so they can get more, but that would be fine by me I would get out of doing them :)

Anonymous said...

Okay so for Christmas my Aunt gave these to all my kids:

They have lines by the toes to show what size they are. I have literally thrown away ALL other socks! So Size Small has one line, medium two lines, large three lines. Dude. Easy Peasy. I'm buying more. And more. And more LOL.

Kim www.braidsandboots.blogspot.com

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

Loved this idea. Perhaps I can conquer my sock nemesis now, too! :)


Elizabeth said...

I do not know how it is that even though my children are grown, I still end up with single socks belonging to my husband or to myself. They do seem to disappear in either the laundry basket or the dryer!

What a fun idea to have your family match socks together and to make a game of it!