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Monday, December 28, 2009


It's time. Every Christmas we attempt to clear out the extra unused things that take up so much of our time just maintaining them. It takes up mental and physical energy to take care of all that we are blessed to have.

I am determined to achieve a new level of decluttering. It started two weeks ago but the two bags are still in the back of my van as well as a large box still in the garage. Out they will go tomorrow. Whatever is not nailed down better watch out.

I am feeling ruthless with extra items but cooking is coming first today. I am working on some batch cooking getting ready for a beach trip as well as setting myself up for success when we start school next week. There is spagetti sauce, pizza sauce and taco meat on the to-do list. Then come the chicken dishes as well as meatballs once more. I used a birthday gift card to Amazon to purchase Fix, Freeze and Feast. It arrived the day after Christmas and I am loving the recipes in there and hope to try some this week.

The new year is quickly approaching. I hope those of you who are reading this post were as richly blessed as I was with time with family this holiday season. Happy New Year!

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kate said...

I hope you're willing to share your success stories. I love recipes like these!