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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tools for learning

I love manipulatives. They are great for busy fingers and put into practice what we are learning.

Sometimes the olders still like to get their hands in there. (Don't mind the pile of empty Christmas decoration boxes in the back there. I'm busy, ok? ;-))

But sometimes, learning tools come in unconventional packages. Take the large ball pictured below, for instance.

Sitting on balls like this takes balance. What that can mean for learning is that it will engage the mind on a kinetic level. The benefit of that is that it can help a kinetic learner stay focused while they work as well as help a child who's brain has been developing faster than her emotions have been. I'm not naming names, just sayin'.
There is a company called Heads Up Now that carries some great learning aids for kids who have ADD, learning difficulties, sensory or fidgeting issues and the list goes on and on. They are not paying me to talk about them, I just really like what they have to offer. They offer balls similar to the one in the picture above, also.

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