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Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have been planning to do something for Advent each year but haven't found anything that I felt like would fit. This year we found it. (Thanks, Hilary!)

The book is Jotham's Journey and we are completely hooked. We should have started with it a few days ago but didn't get it purchased until Monday. It's a fantastic story that you read each night starting the first night of Advent. The story follows a young boy and at the end of each reading it shares about the people of Israel and their relationship to God. Not so different from Jotham's story and told in a way that kids and adults alike can relate.

This is our make-shift advent candle arrangement. I am using deep red in place of the violet candles as that is what we have on hand. Advent calls for violet candles on the 1st, 2nd and 4th weeks, with pink on the third and white on Christmas. I think the arrangement works for this year.

We lit the first candle.

I then printed out December calendars for the kids to color and decorate while I read the first three days to catch up. I have found that my kids have a longer attention span if they are doing something quiet while I read. It works even better for physical boys.

We were all disappointed that the reading was over so soon. Last night the cliffhanger was so intense! Steve and I had a hard time putting the book away to wait for tonight!

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