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Monday, December 7, 2009

Random acts of living

We started the weekend on Friday by getting some food in the freezer. Lil helped me by chopping onions. The goggles are her chopping tip for all of those who have issues with tearing up. It works!

We made 150 meatballs in all. Enough for Friday evening's meal and 3 more meals in the freezer.

We freeze them on cookie sheets first and then I package them with our foodsaver.

Now they are ready to go back into the freezer.

Friday evening, Bub and Steve made cinnamon rolls for our Saturday adventure that we had planned. I wish I had taken pictures of the finished product. They were beautiful.

We got up Saturday morning, popped the cinnamon rolls into the oven and got bundled up to head to Nana's first. Steve also made up a thermos of coffee and various travel mugs of hot cocoa.

Here is an example of how cold it was. Leaves were preserved in sheets of ice.

Our purpose for the trip was to take the 30 or so bags of leaves that we had collected at our house and put them in the garden at Nana's house.

Even Elijah got in on the work. He says he is a working man now.

We pulled up our tomato plants that were there and then spread the leaves over the ground.

Aunt K came along and built a fire inside the garden so we could warm up. It was really cold! Then after the younger three changed clothes we left for the rest of the adventure. Off to get our Christmas tree!

There is a nice lot, every year, in a neighboring town that has all of their trees for $7. It supports a mens program. The trees are seconds but we always manage to find a nice one.

We all look forward to going every year. Turns are taken pulling out trees to look at and sometimes laughing is had at what we find. One tree was so skinny on top and wide at the bottom that it looked like it needed a belt.

Lij loved helping Steve get the tree into the stand and helped carry it in.

Pardon this last picture. It's not easy getting a great picture of a lit tree. We spent part of the evening decorating and ended it with another reading from Jotham's Journey. That book is getting good!

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