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Friday, October 23, 2009

What I love about my kitchen

I am really digging my kitchen. There is still work to be done but compared to the way it was when purchased this house, you could say it's come a long way baby. Our white dishwasher and the last appliance to be replaced, finally said goodbye. My dishes have been coming out dirtier than they went in for awhile now. We are pretty sure the top sprayers were not working and then the loud buzzing noise was the final straw.

This pretty stainless steel model on the left matches the other appliances now and it doesn't feel so hodge podge in there. I am more of an electic girl than a bed in a bag type but I do like my appliances to match. It's like Christmas when I open my dishwasher now. My once dingy looking dishes currently have a renewed sheen. The next project in the kitchen will be counters and backsplash but it's not a big priority at the moment.
Notice the low lighting. I almost always prefer ambient lighting even in my kitchen. It's just more calming to me. Calm is a very valuable commodity in my house. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and it's nice when it's clean and organized. It doesn't happen all of the time but I love it when it does. I also love my laptop that you see on the counter that Steve bought for me last mother's day. I use it in the kitchen looking up recipes, chatting online or I take it out in the school room for blogging. I'm off to finish some BBQ Beef for the freezer in my pretty kitchen.
Have a good weekend!

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Angela said...

Love the new dishwasher! We are going to have to get one soon I do believe. It's been buzzing for awhile, and the dishes are starting to not get cleaned. Ugh. But we'll have to get another white one, as our (new) fridge is white, and our oven/microwave are white, and they're built in. Oh, well. I'd rather they all match.

We do differ on the lighting, though. I like bright lights in my kitchen. My mom always keeps her kitchen dim, and it drives me NUTS! ;)