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Monday, October 12, 2009


Our trip was fast and furious but so much fun. The hotel was very nice. While we ended up with a smaller room, it was very attractive and clean.

Did I mention how clean it was?

Clutter free. And clean. Really clean.

We were able to go into the city twice. Steve pulled a tendon/muscle in his foot before I arrived and we decided that it might have been a good thing for me. He was full of energy and wanted to walk all over kingdom come and see EVERYTHING. It was a good thing that he did though. We saw so much more than I would have ventured to see. The picture below is Buckingham Fountain. It really was beautiful to look at in person. The weather could not have been more perfect.

I loved this little "Art on the Farm" kitchen garden. It was well done and gorgeous.

The buildings there were breathtaking. This apartment building freaked both of us out. The bottom floors are the parking garages with the apartments/condos on top. I cannot imagine living there but it was neat to see.

At the stop we got off of the El train there was an Italian festival going on. Lots of flavor and items to look at.

Steve is describing our surroundings to some of our kids here in the square. That's also the CBS studio behind him on the left. You can see the big screen of a show being advertised.

The hotel had a very friendly and helpful concierge. The guide on top proved to be invaluable for our time in the city. This pile of magazine/brochures were our best friends and guides for a few days.

More pics to come.

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Margaret said...

Looks like sooooo much fun!