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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leftover scraps

Our kids started back to Awana for the first time in a few years. The one at our church that we have been at for the last year is really fantastic and the kids are enjoying it very much. Since we home educate it is so nice for them to see their friends from church more than just on Sundays.

They have their memory verse books, bibles and vests that they need to take every week. It was suggested that each child have a bag of sorts to bring their things together.

I had some leftover scraps of fabric and ribbon and threw these together for the girls yesterday afternoon. Lij already has a little book bag and Bub would like me to find some fabric a tad more manly for him. The project only took about an hour.

I had enough of a coordinating fabric to line the bags as well as this funky ribbon to make little handles. I didn't have a pattern and they are not perfect. However, they are eclectic and fun and the girls were thrilled when I gave the bags to them.

Who says practical can't be pretty?


3 for Me! said...

We are also doing AWANA.... I started the year with one BIG bag, but I'm going to have to find/make bags for each of mine!!

Yours are cute! Wish I had the talent or made the time to learn the talent:)

Brooke said...

LOVE them!!! They are sooooooo cute!