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Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's on your plate?

My friend Brooke inspired me to do something that I have been seeing around more often in blog world. With all of the life that happens around here it is so easy to have food plans go to the compost pile. We do pretty well with how much we spend, though there is always room for improvement. One thing I have not been doing so well is meal planning.

In an effort to do better both in how much money we spend and the quality of our meals, I will be listing our upcoming meals on my sidebar. This will provide a bit of accountability for me and really, knowing what you are going to make is half the battle when executing follow through.

I hope to have another day of meal making soon. I will post when I do that including my shopping list, how much I spend and how many meals I got for my money. I love having a cooking day. It takes some planning ahead of time and you do spend about 4-10 hours depending on the amount of meals you are making. But let me tell you, spending 6 hours one Saturday putting up meals for the next 30 days versus countless hours added up throughout the month? What a load off to go to the freezer that morning or the night before and know what you are having. How great it is when you are having a busy week and you can take something out, leave the days with work, field trips, errands, doctors appointments and come home pop something in the oven that will be ready in an hour. In the meantime you can unwind, throw in a load of laundry, go through the mail and take care of any other pressing needs. It really is a win-win.

I plan to have my cooking day Saturday, October 25th and I will post my list and meals sometime during the week before. Anyone else in?


Brooke said...

Glad I could help. It makes life so much and there is accountability to keep it up to date. I'll join you on the 25th, either on my own or physically with you, we'll see. I need to get some stuff in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I can't wait to see. I've always thought about doing this, I may just jump in and join ya.