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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All things fishy.

Updated to add pictures.
We were blessed to given 10 large trout last night. The experience was not without screams and excitement and grossed outness as they had to be cleaned and prepared for the freezer. Lil helped do one and decided that she had seen enough of fish for awhile. By the time Steve and Bub had finished the other nine, they decided that putting them in the freezer was a good idea as they had lost their appetite for fish for now.

They will be nice in a month or two when their appetites return.

In other news Bub's knee is getting better. He has an inflamed tendon under the knee cap and sat out of football this last week for practice and the game. He practiced last night and it still needs to be rested. He practiced plays but stayed out of the running. They have a tie breaker game for 4th place in his division Wednesday night and so he wants to be ready for that. We will spend time today icing it today to keep the inflammation down. The doctor said that what he is dealing with won't do more damage by being used. It will just cause more pain so it's been a hard week for him as he has had to keep off of it. No riding bike, no running, no jumping, no wrestling, no moving in general. That has been more painful than his knee I am pretty sure.


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I can clean those fish in 2 minutes. Yum!