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Friday, October 24, 2008

A love affair with chocolate.

I love it. Oh man, I do. I'm not picky about it either. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet, Easter bunnies, etc. Even those sad little gold coin chocolates will do in a pinch.

What is it about this sweet or not so sweet little substance that has me hunting through the pantry like a crazed woman?

My kids understand my obsession. Well, maybe they don't so much as understand it as much as they just know if they provide for it, all will be calm. When they receive little goody bags they sift through it and most of them come to me with the pieces of chocolate they think I will like.

I knew I liked these kids for a reason.

Now where are those goody bags....


Brooke said...

Cute! They need to teach my kids!

Kelli said...

I share your love!! Just reading your post makes me desparate for some smooth, chocolatey, perfection.