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Monday, October 6, 2008

Secrets Revealed

The well kept secret was finally revealed and it was worth every painful minute of keeping it. We waited until we were on the road to tell all. The reactions were varied but not without excitment. There was the "Are you serious? No really, seriously?" to the permagrins to those who needed to sit on their hands lest they hit someone with the excitement threatening to burst through their skin. It was too much fun and I can't wait to do something like it again. The secret?

Have you heard of TLC? You know the cable channel. Well if you have then have you heard of the show Little People, Big World? My kids adore this show. There is just something about it that they relate to. We are a mixed family, some of us look a like and some of us look very different. The Roloffs are little people who have four children. Three of their children are average height and one is a little person. They are a mixed family. This is highly interesting to my kids. The Roloffs live approximately ninety minutes from here and they have a pumpkin patch that is featured on the show every year.

We decided to make a trip of it on the twins' birthday and visit their pumpkin patch as a family birthday celebration. We prepared the kids and told them that we probably wouldn't see any of the family and that didn't bother them. They were so excited just to get to go there. Well, we were wrong. Not only were Matt and Amy there, but TLC was filming them also so we got to see some of the camera work. I was determined not to be one of "those" fans but Amy came over to ask the kids where they were from and other questions. I asked her if she minded if I took her picture and she said sure. I was so impressed with her. She was very friendly and interested in the kids.

The patch wasn't a let down either. It was very nice and we didn't have to trek very far. It only rained for a few minutes during our hunting for the perfect pumpkins. Orange pumpkins always make for a great fallish background for pictures and I couldn't resist preserving the memory.

Five kids and their eighty three pounds of pumpkin made for a heavy cart but they didn't mind. We offered to help but they wanted to do it themselves. It was all part of the experience. The Roloff's have done a great job making paths and having some great activities to do as well. They had a little fun house that had pumpkin themed rooms as well as an Exotic Animal Shack where the kids got to see things like skunks, big spiders and other weird creatures. All of the staff around the property were extremely friendly and helpful. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

These two ten year olds had a birthday they won't soon forget. We are coming up on seven years since they came. How time flies.

It was an exciting and tiring day. One we will talk about for some time. Just one more memory we have making home and family one of the best places to be.

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