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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's the little things.

Now that's he is four he is allowed to get the mail. He loves getting the mail. All of us do actually. It's kind of like Christmas all the time. You just never know what might be in there. Granted we set ourselves up for the disappoinment knowing that there may be bills or advertisements, but the hope of a letter or something fun always lights the anticipation day after day. First, he runs to the mailbox. (Notice the rainboots. Any reason he can find to wear them, he does.)

When almost there he remembers that he needs to find the correct key. Just as I got to him he figured it out.

He puts the key in all by himself.

What did we get little man?

Sorry, Mom. Just political fliers. Maybe next time. Well, it was fun watching him feel grown up so not all was lost.


Brooke said...

very cute, the mail is VERY exciting around here too.

The Six Sohn's said...

That is Rylee's favorite thing to do everyday!!! She gets upset if she hasn't done it and daddy does it. I think she likes being so "grown up"