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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break will be all about organization for me this year. I know that not all homeschoolers take a spring break but it makes sense for me to have the week. There are so many projects that I need to do and things that have fallen behind so a week devoted to that helps me keep my sanity.

I will be making some freezer meals for dinner as well as some breakfast meals for the freezer. We did a major project this last weekend to get ready for moving around in the house to accomodate our family better. This included moving my school room inventory into the house and I am still figuring our where to house it. We will be moving two kids into a different bedroom and that means cleaning out and organizing their things once more.

I am also working on a garage sale which is a tad humorous since I vow each year that I will never have one again. However, we have been going through ancient boxes and de-cluttering and there is so much that it makes sense to have one again.

The list is long but I hope to have some fun with the kids as well.

I'll leave you with a picture of Em on our recent trip to the coast. I told her that she could read for awhile until she got tired. As you can see on the clock, she was enjoying her book very much. (That's 10:45pm!)

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