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Friday, March 12, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

We had another great time as a family out at the beach. Tide pools, waves, rocks, shells, ocean life and so much more created a playland of things for all of us to do.

There is more time to think out there it seems. At the very least, a lot less of the distracting noises so you can hear yourself think.

It is the Pacific Northwest so toes still got cold in the water. Those are some red feet. Get that boy up to the woodstove!

The kids are getting old enough that we could watch them from the dining room in the house while the older three searched the tidepools on their own.

We even had a few days where shorts could be pulled out and coats were left on the sandy shore.

I am quite certain we spent more hours on the beach compared to any other winter season in the past.

We came home with our Vitamin D supply well built up.

Such good memories. Memories that I enjoy reliving today while the wind blows and the rain hits the side of the house.

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Daughtersfather said...

I'm glad the pictures are back up.