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Monday, November 2, 2009

Coming out my ears

At the end of October it looked like a frost was on it's way so I covered our tomatoes with plastic so I could get just a few more that were turning. Well life got busy and I hadn't had time to check on them. So last weekend when we were making grape juice at my mother-in-law's house I went out to our extra patch at her house and this is what I came home with.

I wasn't prepared for so many to have ripened. I am grateful though. I was able to make more tomato sauce. 8 more pints, 7 half pints, plus 58 ounces of tomato puree that I used for our Chicken Tortilla soup and I still have one bucket left.
Stay tuned if you are interested in a canning recap. Keeping track on my blog is a great way for me to see how much gardening yielded how much produce so I can plan for next year.

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