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Monday, November 23, 2009

Of chairs and turkeys.

This last weekend kicked off one of our favorite weeks of the whole year. Thanksgiving around here is pretty exciting. There are house projects that we tend to tackle this time of year as well as Thanksgiving Day itself that causes us all of to be all a-twitter making plans and bringing out yearly traditions. Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season for us making it our favorite. Christmas is fun but it's the end and I much prefer the beginning. Below is a sad chair. A really sad chair. See, our two youngest tend to be messy eaters. Add to that a puggle who loves to clean up leftovers and you have four chairs that over the last two years have been cleaned by the puppy who isn't as much a puppy anymore as she is a mutant mutt. Fortunately for her, we love her anyway.

On Saturday, Steve looked over at me and said, "Hey! Let's recover the chairs today!" I was thrilled and to clarify, by let's, we both knew that what he really meant was that he would do it while I sat close by on my laptop giving him college football scores while cheering him on from our sideline. What a wonderful world.

So here is the new prototype for a dining chair and I couldn't be happier. Our chairs no longer look like something the dog chewed up. Literally.

I now will not have to suffer the embarrasment once more at our lovely Thanksgiving feast. Also, notice the extra dining chair fabric that I just threw onto the middle of the table pretending it's a runner and that I'm coordinated. Yep, I'm fancy like that. Sunday we moved on to bedazzling the walls in our dining room with a family activity that Steve found using thoughts of what we are thankful for.

It was assembly line style as we cut out the pieces for our gobblers.

Everyone filled out their own feathers, even our five year old little monkey wrote his own. I fought some emotion over the fact that he could write it all by himself.

It was a really fun activity that I hope to repeat. We had the kids write their names on them so that we can store them in their memory bins. I think it's fun to go back and see what things they have been thankful for throughout the years.

Cute, yes?

For those of you who appreciate symmetry (dad), my sister-in-law is staying with us and made one later to balance the right side. I was just too lazy this morning to take another picture.

Happy Monday of the best week of the year!


margaret said...

The chairs look great! And what a fun activity, you two are wonderful parents!

heartchild said...

Thanks, mom!

Pam said...

LOVE that fabric! When is Steve going to come and redo OUR dining room chairs?? Just kidding! Enjoy your holiday week. : )