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Monday, November 30, 2009


With a flash, Thanksgiving is over. The tradition carried on, however. Each year all five kids have a hand in making the desserts with daddy for the big day. The night before Thanksgiving is looked forward to almost as much as Christmas Eve, if not more so.

There is the mixing of the pumpkin pie filling as well as the crusts.

Can you see that little brain taking in all of the info? Someday the responsibility of this task will be passed on to him.

This girl really loves helping with the pies. Can you tell?

It really is a family affair. The kitchen is a mess when they are all done and it's totally worth it.

It was then time to make the cheesecake while the pies baked.

As well as time to make the raspberry glaze to go on top. Do you see the cornbread cooling back there in the cast iron skillet? That was for the stuffing the next day and let me tell you, it was so good.

Here, our oldest girl is shaking fresh cream for butter to go on the rolls.

Steve really spoils me. One of those pies was a sugar free pumpkin and there is nothing like it. He topped it with sugar free whipped cream. Oh my, absolute heaven. Thanks, hon!

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